Digitalization Assessment

Digitalization Assessment service helps companies to access outside technical expertise in order to accelerate the introduction, modernization and transformation of digital solutions.

Our consultants assess new or existing solutions in order to identify the modernization and innovation potential. As part of the assessment exercise we evaluate the cost and experience improvement through the lens of integration, automation, replacement and retirement potential. The exercise can be constructed around a specific business case, a specific known problem or as an exploration to identify opportunities.

The assessment is calibrated to a modernization initiative or an innovation exploration exercise.

The exercise can be time-boxed to 1-day workshop or it can be executed as a detailed analysis including the following steps:

  • Understand problem/opportunity from each specific stakeholders perspective
  • Reduce identified scope to an MVP in order to manage complexity and to demonstrate value
  • Propose solution alternatives and evaluate the expected value
  • Identify change risks and propose the mitigation plan

The benefits of the digital exploration:

  • Problem identification
  • Scope prioritization
  • Solutions proposals and impact analysis
  • Risks identification and management

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