Solution Proposal

Solution Proposal service helps companies to access outside technical expertise in order to design solutions and to evaluate solution alternatives.

Solution Proposal service might include one or many of the following type of services:

  • Solutions architecture and design
  • Solutions comparison analysis
  • Technical risk management
  • Non-Functional Requirements identification and assessment
  • Expert Cost Estimation

Our consultants can be involved in designing solutions and alternative solutions starting from an initial set of identified requirements. We can bring our contribution in solving a sub-problem that requires our specific expertise. We can define or participate into Request For Proposal (RFP) or/and Proof of Concept (PoC) exercises in order to mitigate risks, to evaluate costs or/and to assess the technical proposals.

The assessment is calibrated to a modernization initiative or an innovation exploration exercise.

In case of an innovation exploration initiative when facing high uncertainty in terms of problem relevance, we use prototyping and trigger early validation with end-users.

The benefits of the Solution Proposal service:

  • Solid solutions based on stakeholders views, risks, NFRs and constraints
  • Solution evaluation based on transparent qualifying criteria
  • Impartial recommendation or 2nd opinion for solution selection in RFPs and decision process
  • Risks evaluation and management

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